Society of Friends, Manuela HeiderdeJahnsen MSc
Finest Ayurveda, Yoga and more


The science of living and dying, the deep knowledge of the connection of all living creatures and the unanimated world, understanding of circadian rhythms, of our own deep needs and of union.

in my work You will be pampered in the richness of Ayurveda practices, starting from counselling your food choices to your life style options. Understanding basic ayurvedic life routines and  finding  your personal herbs and minerals to improve your health and mental state. Ayurvedic massages like the wonderful connecting Abhyanaga, Shirodhara ( oleation of the forehead) or Marma treatments are offered as well as specific  treatments for injuries, eye problems, hearing problems, sleeplessnes, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, auto immune diseases and much more. Ayurveda is as well the main treatment care for fertility treatment and post-operation.

I practice ayurveda since 40 years and have been successfully performing hundreds of Pancha Karmas, Purva Karmas and Rasayana retreats in the last decades. Using handcrafted organic original balms, thailams (oils), lepas ( application of herbal substances) ,  arishtas (elixirs),  and many more procedures and tools. 

i would like to invite you to the healing world of Ayurveda at my Ayurveda nest.