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Prices, an overview!

However, prices vary  according to treatment intensity and your compliance! 

First Consultation:

For Your first visit i charge  approx. 110 eu.
This includes looking at Your previously prepared food and lifestyle diary, looking into lab results, x rays and a complex anamnestic time. Mostly I will start to treat You in the same session. Starting with some changes and experiences right away will help us to find the best treatment plan.
A deposit of 60 eu is necessary to reserve the spot. The money will not be refunded in case of cancellation for Your side
Follow- ups are depending on time, material and continuity. The more often You have to come for a short time frame, the cheaper it gets, but if you miss appointments and are not really with it , my price rises. So between 70-100 eu you have to invest in the follow- ups. However, we will speak about Your finances before we roll out an expensive plan.
all my treatments are very complex. However, I charge by the hour, this can include oils, taping, steaming, infra red sauna, combined therapy.

The Herbal treatments are around 10-30 eu/month.

Acupuncture , all styles: between 60-90 eu/hr, not depending on amount and location

Pippali Treatment without further treatments: 120 eu . this includes daily check ups.

Yoga Therapy: 100 eu/hr

Online follow up via sms: free

Ayurveda massages: 80-90 eu/hr

1 day retreats: 250 eu

2 day retreats.400 eu

Prices for other treatments according to length, material needed, and practice. Please, ask!