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Thank you for Your interest! 

Thank You for Your interest in Yourself, the ocean, the environment, nature, breathing, strength, love, relaxation.... connection.

I would love to invite You to my home practice for Your journey of healing, recovery and wellbeing.

As a therapist, naturopath, Heilpraktiker,   I am looking back to 45 years of practice in the fields of natural healing, Oriental medicine like Ayurveda  and Acupuncture, and, of course, my deep love for practicing Yoga Therapy and Pranayama are my key sources for my work.. I am holding a Master s degree in Ayurveda from the Middlesex University, London , UK and the Amrita College, Kollam, India. 

My interest in the treatment of fertility, injuries, trauma (PTSD), auto-immune and much more diseases grew with the number of patients and their quest for a holistic view on their problems and, holistic solutions. I always work in a comfortable network of physicians as a complementary healing practitioner, however, i deeply  believe in the power of natural healing. 

All my treatments are  tailored to the individual: 

to Your personal needs, to Your personal life story.

I am looking forward welcoming You and being Your guide , staying by Your side through the times of good changes.


Ayurveda is a comprehensive traditional health and medical system that originated in ancient India over 2500 years ago. Yoga can be described as a path of self-awareness and self-knowledge that is meant to lead to an inner clear wisdom-filled realization. With its application of meditative, breath- and body-related methods, it has numerous therapeutic implications.
In Western reception, these two actually independent traditions have sometimes become mixed, so that the contours of the two systems do not always emerge clearly. In therapeutic work, however, Ayurveda and Yoga can enter into fruitful symbioses and complement each other.
Manuela Heider de Jahnsen is one of the pioneers of yoga therapy in Germany. In her decades of working with patients, she has not only built up a wealth of experience, but also a special expertise in dealing with traumatized patients and those affected by addictions.
She accompanies these patients not only with a great deal of empathy, commitment and human attention, but also enables them to gradually regain contact with themselves through meaningful combinations of yogic exercises with Ayurvedic therapeutic measures. In both groups of patients or in the combination of the disorders, the inner center of life is not seldom lost. Dissociative gaps open up between the psychic activities and the physical sensitivities. The separated dynamics provide for a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, depressive episodes up to psychotic states.
Manuela successfully completed her studies in Ayurvedic medicine under my supervision and wrote a master's thesis on the above-mentioned topic. In it, she reflects on the Ayurvedic and Western view of the clinical symptomatology and probes the various therapeutic approaches in a systematic overview.
A central core of the work are the carefully elaborated and touching case documentations, in which the therapy strategies and the underlying rationale are described in an exemplary way. In this way, the reader gains an insight into "work in progress" and can develop therapeutic paths for severely burdened patients through his or her own reflection.
In this sense I wish the work an attentive readership, which opens the possibility to comprehend holistic and individually adjusted therapy ways. The spiritual dimension is not to be disregarded. However, this does not come in a dogmatic form, but is oriented to the reality of the patient's life.
Of fundamental importance is the question of how the loose ends of life can be put back together, how a person can regain the courage to look forward and find his or her own way into a lost space of freedom.

Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede habilitated with a research project on Ayurveda medicine at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. He directs a master's program in which physicians and other medical professionals are trained in Ayurvedic medicine at an academic level. He has published numerous books and professional publications on the topics of Ayurveda, yoga and Asian philosophy.