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RadicalBreathing, Berlin

silence, stillness, subtleness

04.-06. october2024



featuring Manuela Heider de Jahnsen and  Alice Liddell, Berlin

The root of our breathing lies deep within our pelvis. From here, the spine begins to rise. An exploratory journey.
We will embark on a journey, soft, demanding, deep, and moving, where we will explore our breath, our emotions, and our vastness.
Classical Pranayama and modern science of breathing converge.
Vibrating and stabilizing, we will glide smoothly and quietly, carried by safety and curiosity.
We strictly avoid using the term "breathwork". Our focus is on opening and experiencing the paths of the breath within us. Work means doing something, here, in Radical Breathing, we are removing ourselves from doing and moving towards perception, allowing the breath. Often we can feel how the breath enters us independently and then leaves us again, like a gentle visitor like the wind. Without beginning, without end, everywhere around us and yet impossible to grasp.
Our daily routine blocks the way, locks the doors of the breath, of Prana, the Vayus. With careful touch and Asanas, we begin to turn the key again and regulate the Bandhas, the seals of the self within us.
Shiatsu  and movements allow us to perceive a new dimension in the Asanas in the breath. Supported, opened, we touch our diaphragm, recognize the movements of the inner organs in the flow of breath, enjoy the forces within us.
The partner treatment is an important part of our seminar, as Japanese massage techniques contain centuries-old knowledge about the movements of the winds and breath within us.


Friday: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm (2-hour lunch break)
Sunday: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm (snack break)

Partner Shiatsu: Introduction to breathing space
Perception of breath
Mula Bandha and spinal column, finding the three seals
Q&A on "breathing work", apnea, Pranayama

Perception and expansion of breathing space
The breath body or wind body
Variations of Kapalabhati in gentle practice
Deepening breathing on all levels of breathing space
Knowledge about breathing
Exploring inner sound in breathing and stillness: Nada Yoga
Ocean breathing (our special technique for activating breathing spaces)
Bija mantra and diaphragm vibration
Get to know Marma points of the face and observe changes in the flow of breath

Breathing together and in connection with each other
Shiatsu assistance for deeper understanding and experience of breathing
Feedback and questions
Exploring apnea moments and finding them in breath
Discovering abdominal organs
Understanding hyper- and hyperventilation
The longing for high: trauma and breathing work
On this day, there will be only snacks for lunch

Location: Berlin-Weißensee, Börnestr.16


290,00 Eu pP

275, 00 Eu  for Couple and friends each pP