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The Breath that moves inside You
Breathing guidance:  touching the deeper core

This is the heart of all my practice, now also regarded as RadicalBreathing- the path of breath from the root ( radix/ radical). 

The healing art through guided breathing is inseparable from all my treatments. However, the path of the breath is also a clear gemstone that can stand alone.

 I will be guiding you, on- or offline, into your own original subtle breathing. 

It is a journey into your breathing patterns that reflect your deep experiences, your honest beliefs, your fragmented body images, your balance into stability, your true commitments, your resilience and stress response, your known or unknown competitive mode, your soft relaxation ability and your inner listening and love.  The  goal of this journey  is to create a consistent feeling of connection and love, safety and joy.

As  a  holistic therapist I will help You to find Your very own way, no matter if You have never experienced a guided breathing or if You are an experienced Pranayama Teacher. There is always something to learn, feel and to connect to and practice under guidance is an experience of connection and safety. 

Special Breathing Courses for free divers, both recreational and competetive, as well as for Yoga teachers, psychologists who want to deepen their own breathing journey as a tool for helping clients and for musicians and singers are available.

some of these courses can be woth me associates in Russian and Italian on demand.

For interested students, patients and friends I offer Ice Bath experiences in a relaxed space, one to one only.

The  book titled : The Breath that moves inside You, written by me and displaying 40 years of practice, is soon available via waterstone ebooks and Austin Macauley, London, UK. It is an inquiry into the management of PTSD via Breathing and Ayurveda.

If you are interested in full workshops, pl, check the page on RadicalBreathing. Hope seeing You there.

Further cooperation is possible with my dear friends Dr. Anastasia Shchedrina, Malaga / Bali,  Anas Chair, Berlin, Germany , Magda Torres, Mexico, Nikolay Gladshikh, Italy and others