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Yoga Therapy

Is not all Yoga therapy by its very purpose? 



Calming the fluctuations of the mind, self- inquiry , breathing, asanas, strength, deeper knowledge of tensegrity..

If we take a closer look at the 8- fold Yoga Path of Patanjali 's Yoga Sutras there is nothing left out , nothing that is not addressed in the holistic context of being human, suffering and liberation and the whole spectrum of our search for inner peace. 

I use Yoga therapy in many different ways to approach balance and homeodynamic.  

Starting from gentle breathing in pranayama to vigorous breathing, asana adaption for special needs, sequencing according to the Doshas, alignment for stability and recovery. in short: Yoga and its abundance of techniques allows us together to find the individually tailored program for your needs and possibilities.


 Over the decades I developed a style particularly for traumatic injuries of the body due to my intense work years with acrobats, actors, stuntmen, musicians as well as with patients who lost mobility , ground or balance  due to accidents, aging, special needs and more. After realising that little is done for patients with special needs, like blind, deaf or otherwise disabled patients I developed integrative ways for every individual need. 

Come and try , ask and see, experience and feel.
Om Shanti




At REAA, Rosenberg Akademie , 



You' ll find my intensive educational programs on Ayurveda Yoga Chikitsa / Therapy. 

Join me there ( the courses are in German language only)


Besides this:


I am holding regular workshops on Breathing, Yoga Therapy and ice swimming



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