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Prices, an overview!

However, prices vary  according to treatment intensity and your compliance! 


First Consultation:



For Your first visit i charge  approx. 110 eu.
This includes looking at Your previously prepared food and lifestyle diary, looking into lab results, x rays and a complex anamnestic time. Mostly I will start to treat You in the same session. Starting with some changes and experiences right away will help us to find the best treatment plan.
A deposit of 60 eu is necessary to reserve the spot. The money will not be refunded in case of cancellation for Your side
Follow- ups are depending on time, material and continuity. The more often You have to come for a short time frame, the cheaper it gets, but if you miss appointments and are not really with it , my price rises. So between 70-100 eu you have to invest in the follow- ups. However, we will speak about Your finances before we roll out an expensive plan.
all my treatments are very complex. However, I charge by the hour, this can include oils, taping, steaming, infra red sauna, combined therapy.



The Herbal treatments are around 10-30 eu/month.



Acupuncture , all styles: between 60-90 eu/hr, not depending on amount and location



Pippali Treatment without further treatments: 120 eu . this includes daily check ups.


Yoga Therapy: 100 eu/hr

Online follow up via sms: free



Ayurveda massages: 80-90 eu/hr



1 day retreats: 250 eu



2 day retreats.400 eu

Prices for other treatments according to length, material needed, and practice. Please, ask!


Cancellation policies: unfortunately there is no refund. payment for the appointment is obligatory.

a new appointment can be set up, but still the cancelled one has to be paid. this policy allows me to give appointments to people in need and avoids others from blocking spaces. 

a pre-payment is always necessary to reserve the appointment slot ! thank you for understanding!