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25 Mai 2017 − 28 Mai 2017

Winer is finally gone and we dedicate our energies to the elevating forces of nature.

Our beloved Pancha Karma has Julia Wunderlichs wonderful rolling tiger s kitchen as a special add and our very experienced and happy team of massagers will make you feel comfortabel and right in the home of Ayurveda., even in Berlin


The inner and outer oleation (the snehana procedure), the core of our Ayurvedic retreat, is about 4 days and will be performed in our beautiful Charlottenburg home. Pre and after care will be planned according to the needs and options. 

the 1. consultation should take place about 4 weeks before the actual Pancha Karma starts, so we can plan and decide which first steps are to be taken.

the first part consists of stimulation of Agni (digestive fire ) and the elminination of toxins (ama) with the use of herbs and other detoxifiying methods (see: Pancha Karma button on this website)

we are succesfully performing our urban Pancha Karma in Belrin for more than 6 years and enjoying it more and more as a festival of healing 


for more information or booking , please contact us: or 0049-179-73-78-210

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