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27 Oktober 2016 − 30 Oktober 2016

Welcome Home!
This will be the second time that we perform our famous PANCHA KARMA DETOX in our lovely homely place in Charlottenburg! Julia/rolling tiger will be the wonder of the kitchen as usual, Katie will be applying all the precious oils on the body , Mimi and I wil be massaging, practising Yoga with You, and make You feel HOME! Besides the great joy and fun of havnig a perfect time out from work stress and discomfort, the healing effects of PANCHA KARMA are always remaining a wonder! come and join us! find More information on our website: Society of Friends, click on Pancha Karma.
costs : 450 Eu .
If You are interested, please register at least 3 weeks in advance for the precleansing procedure to remove ama and improve digestion.
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Manuela und das Team

for more information, please, check the PANCHA KARMA page

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