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16 Juni 2016 − 19 Juni 2016

This might be our last Pancha Karma at our loved location! so come and join us and lets celebrate . Pancha Karma is the core discipline of AYURVEDA, and we offer our treatment refined and adapted to our Berlin based Friends and patients with care and love

4 days of excellent ancient traditional therapies of Ayurvada, the best ayurvedic food in town by rolling tiger/JULIA, of YOGA and PRANAYAMA . Manuela and Katie, Nadja and many more friends from the team will be there to look after you and make you feel what you are: a wonderful being! please,register early, because the preparation will need a couple of days (minimum 15 days) in advance, according to your poblems or previous lifestyle.

Tel.: 0049 179 73 78 210
Giftvouchers available.
See you soon!
Manuela and the Team

for more information, please, check the PANCHA KARMA page

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